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The Network

The School Network for Digital Citizenship is a community of learning and exchange of good practices for the promotion of adequate development of children and adolescents in an environment shaped by new digital technologies. The Network is made up of institutions, NGOs and school communities.

Testimonials and experiences

Gabriela Vargas

I was motivated to participate in this course because I’m still looking for knowledge in different areas, since that keeps you much more up-to-date. One of the good things that this course left me with, was becoming fascinated with the different platforms, how to use them, manage them and apply them in different workshops within our educational community.

It should be noted that I felt very comfortable in the course, since the moderators and teachers were top-notch, all the classes addressed interesting topics, and we were also able to connect with other participants from different cities to talk and work in groups in the different instances. I think that makes us part of the Fostering Digital Citizenship community, of which I now feel part.

Jaime Lorca, School Coexistence Coordinator

I must reiterate my deep gratitude for the opportunity to participate in what has personally been the most valuable experience regarding individual and social interactions, social media, and their effects in the digital realm. It has been very helpful for me in order to support and accompany my students in this area.

Cristián Cártenes

Few courses have given me such powerful and specific tools to contribute to today’s digital education, about which we cannot be oblivious. The course Educating in the Digital Age is tremendously didactic, practical and visionary. A course that every teacher should be familiar with.